Sunday, July 26, 2009

FREE ...

"As servants of God, live as free people." - (1 Peter 2: 16)

I may believe in the freedom of others but sometimes have a challenge believing in my own freedom. I gain the freedom to do what I desire to do when I stop letting my own negative thoughts control me.

If I feel that I have lost the willpower to overcome some dependency, I reclaim it now. I do not wait for someone to rescue me or do what is mine to do. I claim my freedom from negative habits and tendencies as I let the power of God's spirit within set me free and keep me free.

When I truly realize that I can never be alone in anything I do, I have the courage to claim my freedom. I am free to say 'no' to someone or about something when my decision is the result of divine guidance. Yes, I am free, for the power of God within has set me free!

I believe in the power of God to set me free!

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